Building Update 04-04-10

Yes  it was alot of hard work but it was well worth it!   The official count has not come in but we were well over 5,000 people in the two services in Ormond plus a great crowd in our Calvary South campus.  Resurrection Sunday was Alive and well at Calvary:

We had over 500 kids in our Nurserys and Kid’s services today.  They enjoyed their new building as well:


Building Update 4-3-10

After 6 years of research, planning, design, construction, prayer and fasting we have finally received our official Certificate of Occupancy!

This is the most important piece of paper I believe I have ever seen.  Praise the Lord!

See you tomorrow morning as we celebrate Easter in our NEW WORSHIP CENTER!!!

Building Update 04-02-10

The sanctuary that we’ve used for 13 years is now being transformed into a Children’s Center.

Building Update 03-26-10

The chandeliers in the Chapel have now been installed:

The curtains have also been installed behind the stage.  They look great but it was too dark to get a good picture.

Building Update 03-25-10

New Aerial of Calvary Christian Center:

Line Array Speakers being installed.  Look at the size of the array compared to the man on the lift.

Elevator has been installed, inspected and is operational.  This is my wife and son about to take a ride.

Building Update 03-23-10

12 Days and Counting.

The Sound System is being installed.  This is just some of the speaker wire that is being pulled through the building:

First tile in the Foyer:

Information Booth is being built:

The steel structure hanging from the ceiling is for Flat Screen TVs that will be  running information:

The finishing touches are being put on the restrooms:

Building Update 03-20-10

Keep praying and believing.  We are making progress.

Carpet is being installed in the main sanctuary:

Foyer Ceiling Tiles are being installed:

Appliances have arrived for Cafe: